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Lick Skillet

In the southwestern section of Decatur County is a community with an unusual name, Lick Skillet.  In the early days, before streamlined highways, there was a lot of camping in nearby woods.  The story goes that a group of campers cooked a big meal.  One camper was late arriving and when he began to search for some food, all he found was the empty skillet.  Being very hungry, he licked the skillet and from that day, the community has been known as Lick Skillet.  A hill nearby is known as Pinkard Hill which was named for a Pinkard man who was hanged there.  Settlers include the Montgomerys, Pattersons, Scates, Kelleys, Moodys, Clenneys, Ivys, Wyatts, and Averetts.


From "Tennessee County History Series: Decatur County" by Lillye Younger 1979. ISBN 0-87870-077-3