Towns & Communities


In the early days a small settlement there was called Old Norford.  Located ten miles north of Parsons, the community later changed its name to Cozette.  At one time there was a blacksmith shop and grocery store.  One of the early operators of the blacksmith shop was Lonnie Boyd, and Bunch Miller ran the general store.  He also had a rolling store in which he traveled over the county in a truck stocked with goods.

The Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church and cemetery, as well as the Pentecostal Church also are part of the community.  The Pentecostal Church is recent, but the Oak Grove Church dates back to a log church in pioneer days.  After the log church a two-story structure was constructed which housed the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star upstairs and the church-school combination downstairs.  Later a one-story, concrete block building was built which is still in use.


From "Tennessee County History Series: Decatur County" by Lillye Younger 1979. ISBN 0-87870-077-3