Current Projects

The Tennessee River Runs Through It

The DCHS has joined with Benton, Hardin, Henderson, Henry, Houston, Perry, and Wayne counties in the production of "The Tennessee River Runs Through It".  This is a joint production of a video DVD and audio CD highlighting the historic significance of the Civil War along the Tennessee River and the counties that boarder it.  The purpose of this production is to promote a driving tour through these counties.

Tom Jennings Photo Book

The DCHS has been gifted the negatives of photographs taken by the late Tom Jennings. We are currently sorting and indexing the thousands of negatives and plan to publish a book of selected photographs.

Business Markers

The DCHS wishes to place plaques at different businesses in the county commemorating all the previous businesses that occupied that building in the past.

Historic Farm Site & Heritage Center

The DCHS is seeking a highly visible piece of land on which to relocate some historic farm buildings that have been donated by their owners to the society. We wish to recreate, as accurately as possible, a historic Decatur County farm including a farm house, outhouse, log barn, corn crib, and smokehouse. We are also seeking farming equipment, human and horse powered, and other tools and furnishings to fit the period.  If you have anything you would like to contribute or would like to know more about this project please contact us.